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Erasmus+ – KA2 Strategic Partnerships - "PRESS" 

With "Europe 2020", the EU has set a number of goals to be achieved by 2020 in the fields of education, employment and social inclusion. In particular, the aims of the PRESS project are to fight against poverty and social exclusion, especially of disadvantaged women, with attention to young Roma women. PRESS involves direct and indirect beneficiaries: public administrators, decision makers, professionals of entities from other partner countries. The countries involved are: Hungary, Belgium, Spain, Portugal, Croatia and Italy.

The project intends to achieve the objectives by using models, best practices, methodologies, public/private partnership strategies at European level for the inclusion of disadvantaged women. In particular the project wants to encourage the dialogue between social enterprises and decision-makers in the partner countries. According to the EU Commission, social enterprises and those working for inclusive social economy play a key role in promoting social cohesion and reducing economic and social disparities.



  • Galileo Progetti Nonprofit Kft., coordinator
  • ENSIE – European Network of Social Integration Enterprises
  • FAEDEI - Faedei Federación de Asociaciones Empresariales de Empresas de Insercion
  • A3S – Associação para o Empreendedorismo Social e a Sustentabilidade do Terceiro Sector
  • ACT Group
  • Ulisse Cooperativa Sociale Onlus
  • RES – Réseau d'Entreprises Sociales. 



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