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The Jobcoach + project is an initiative, funded by the Erasmus+ Programme, involving various European partners active in social and participative economy. This cooperation has as main objective the creation of a training module, for social workers in social enterprise, about the jobcoaching of disadvantaged workers.

Concerning those social workers, each partner country does not have the same legislation. On the one hand, some countries have legislation and public subsidies that make possible the involvement of a worker in social enterprises whose role is strictly for the social mission of the company through the support and coaching of disavantaged workers. On the other hand, for other countries, the legal recognition of social enterprise insertion is the main mission of the partner. However, it seems clear that this worker's accompanying role is played by one or more staff members of insertions enterprises, either formally or informally.

The observation of the professional practice of people having this role shows that, even if the social worker is motivated, competent and qualified, he is also in a constant search for tools and supervision about his practice. Existing training modules does rarely consider the reality of the field and the specific context of social integration enterprises. This is the lack we want to fill by the training module that will be created in this project.

Another challenge is to create a common base of skills and a common methodology for accompanying disavantaged workers in social enterprises. In fact, this methodology will provide a framework for helping the social worker in daily practice as in particular situations.


  • Réseau d’Entreprises Sociales asbl – Coordination of the project – Belgium (Etienne Dewandeler, Joachim Sferrazza) ;
  • Faeidei – Spain (Maria Nieves Ramos) ;
  • Cauto – Italy (Anna Brescianini, Nicola Corini);
  • Gallileo Progetti – Hungary (Claudia Piovano, Marta Bene)
  • Lude – Latvia (Solvita Kostjukova)
  • Ensie – Belgium (Aurélie Duprés) ;
  • University of Valencia – Spain (Fernando Marhuenda)

implementation of the project

Methodologically, the project is divided into four phases:

  • The research phase in every partner’s country to identify needs and skills to develop
  • The creation of the training module, based on the first phase and rely with other previous projects of oher european partners
  • The testing phase in every partner’s country in real work context, of course with feedback and adjustments
  • The dissemination and implementation phase

Four transnational meetings are planed, where coordination meetings and workshops between partners are organized in order to agree on guidelines and methodologies to implement the project (February 2016: Budapest - October 2016: Riga - May 2017: Valencia - December 2017: Brussels).

Result of the project : Information Gathering & Training for trainers

Here is the different productions of the project (click to download the pdf file) :

JobCoach+ IO2.pdf

JobCoach+ IO2_FR.pdf

JobCoach+ IO2_ES.pdf

IO6 - Training for trainers


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